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This book doesn’t have a fixed price. It doesn’t mean it’s free, but it means you can decide the price you would like to pay.

If  you order an e-book you can download it directly from your e-mail box from 14th April, 2018. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card (after sending your order we’ll send a link for this), even if you ordered an e-book or a printed one.

The layout of the book is A/5 format for making easier to print it at home. We encourage everybody to order an e-book and print at home to save cost and trouble of posting. Of course, if you prefer to buy a printed book, we can provide a printed copy for you. Books are printed to order only. Printing and postage should be paid as an extra € 20 (12 + 8), because in case of printing the printing house works one-by-one with digital technology, and it makes it expensive.

To send your order please, use the below form.

In case of questions, or requiring more info, please send an e-mail to closedwheelracing@gmail.com

What kind of book would you like to have?
Please specify here the amount you wish to pay and the paying method (Paypal, Credit Car, other). Please note: printing and shipping should be paid in case of printed books. You can "donate" any amount you wish in case of e- and printed books as well.*
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