An international editorial group has been working on this book since the Spring of 2014. There are 16 writers, 2 editors, 6 translators, photographers, designers and other workers from several different nations. 12 of them are current or previous racers of WTCC.

The editors (in alphabetical order):

pietroPietro Casillo – A heart for the case

Despite him being Italian he speaks and writes articles in several languages perfectly. He used to be an editor of Touring Car Times , but he also has experience in being a press officer for Proteam, writing for the Stop&Go TV website, organizing the Italian Chevrolet Cup and growing up in a real motorsport family…
His father is a well known driver in the Italian touring car life, meanwhile Pietro himself also got some experience in testing and driving for example Citroën and Chevrolet race cars.
His dynamism and enthusiasm is not only from his family background, but from his Italian heart as well – which is beating for racing with all his love!

énautóvalMagyar Szilvia – A jolly joker

She doesn’t remember any time of her life when she wasn’t writing something: short stories, novels, articles – or university thesis about Finnish motorsports, after graduating as a journailst, a linguist and a fennologist from the University of Budapest.
She used to work for  Autósport and Formula Magazine, Formula.hu, Motorsportal, and A5 websites, but also has experience in being a perss officer for Félix Porteiro or organizer (and goalkeeper) of the university ice hockey team. Currently she is the chief editor of a small Hungarian touring car website (motorzaj.hu).
Her dream was being a Formula-1 journalist till the moment when Alex Zanardi invited her for one of his WTCC races. After that day she never dreamt about Formula-1 again, only about WTCC…

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