Stories on History

We all know how the Touring Car World Championship has started and where we are now. We know what the Yokohama Trophy is and how it influenced the story. We know what it means to be a “work driver”, and how these factory teams have vanished from the World Championship, or what it means to be independent…
But do we know it from the point of view of the organizers? How to organize and run a world championship? Is it a dream work or a nightmare to be an organizer, a promoter, a manager or a Safety Car driver in  WTCC? Stories about founding and rising a family like this, via interviews with the oldest members of the family…

Club 100 – An Extraordinary Hall of Fame

20 drivers. 20 lists of results. And much more! 20 special stories about humanity, love, friendship, stubbornness, talent, humor, loyalty, leading by example, being a hero or simply being a man. 20 drivers’ profiles, a little bit upside down and personally.

“My best WTCC weekend ever …”

Once a Hungarian poet wrote: “It’s necessary: men themselves should talk about their own battles!” And they are talking… 10 years, 10 drivers, 10 weekends: this is their history!

Some stories and titles in chronological order:

Alessandro Zanardi: 14 Magical Laps in August

Andy Priaulx: The Secret of the Forever Smile

Yvan Muller: Back to the Future

Tom Coronel: Odd Slippers

Gabriele Tarquini: Slipstream

Franz Engstler: A Long-expected Party

Dusan Borkovic: The Unforgettable First One

Rob Huff: More than just Russian Roulette

The 10th one is a surprise!! :)

Weekend with a Team

How does it look like, feel, smell, sound to spend a weekend with a team? Let us show you on two examples!

One year of victory

What happened in the 10th year of WTCC? Lots of Citroën, a pinch of irony and of course some Lada and Rob Huff as well…

Statistics of 10 years
It was a really hard work to create this chapter! (Special thanks go to Botond Bakay!)

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