When we asked the drivers to write about their best racing weekend ever, we gave birth to the charity side of this book-project as well. Every driver who was ready to tell his story could name a charity organisation he wishes to support. We decided to offer a certain part of the proceeds to these organisations.

However the original plan was offering only a certain part of the proceeds for charity but later something happened and we changed our mind. One of our editors let us down, leaving the project without writing a single word (or even informing us about it). Three editors stayed on, and all of us have a lot of respect for the charity work done by the drivers and these organisations. So, we three together decided to offer all of the proceeds of the English edition to the charity organizations named by the drivers.

What does it mean? If you buy a book (printed or e-book), you will pay for the paper, the ink, and some technical stuff that should be paid in any way when a book is published. Everything left after these technical things your money will go to charity, supporting the following organisations in the name of the drivers.

Of course, if you buy an e-book, you will not pay for any ink or paper as these not used, so the e-book edition is cheaper because of this.

 The organizations and the drivers:

Dusan Borkovic Novak Djokovic Foundation*
Franz Engstler did not nominate
Augusto Farfus did not nominate
Rob Huff The Halow Project
Yvan Muller Fondation Frédéric GAILLANNE Mira Europe
Andy Priaulx, Tom Coronel The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation
Gabriele Tarquini, Alex Zanardi  Bimbingamba

* The Novak Djokovic Foundation asked the organizers of this project for not to be involved it for technical reasons. (01. 09. 2015.) Instead them the driver nominated the annual charity Johnny Herbert Karting Challenge as beneficiary, 12. 09. 2015. In the year 2015 the JHKC was organized for supporting KartForce.


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